innovators in broadband technology.

Over the years, this team has committed itself to advancing the technical, economic and social transformations enabled by broadband. Collectively, they have achieved the development and deployment of commercial class cable modems providing broadband access to educational institutions at all levels, the federal government, industries, and hospitals. Additionally, their contribution to consumer-class DOCSIS (Data over Cable Service Interface Specification) cable modems has enabled the cable industry to deploy a broadband infrastructure that today is the marketplace leader.

They continue to lead next generation solutions and standards for thousands of services over broadband infrastructure to connect not only cities, institutions and governments, but also 4 billion unserved and underserved people worldwide.  To reach these objectives, these pioneers continue to be leaders in seeking out new and innovative technologies such as the utilization of TV White Spaces, the unused wireless spectrum.

Rouzbeh Yassini, Ph.D.
Entrepreneur, Philanthropist & Innovator

Chris Grobicki,
Executive Consultant

Paul Nikolich,
Executive Consultant/Investor