Rouzbeh Yassini, the father of the cable modem, has written Planet Broadband, a breakthrough book appealing to a broad audience, including consumers, and business and technical professionals. The book describes not just what broadband is, but why broadband matters to everyday people.

Broadband is becoming the most influential medium of communication since the telephone. See how this technology will alter how we live, think, and do business.

Book Description

Understand what broadband is, why it is the fastest growing consumer media product since the VCR and what it means to you.

  • Learn about the historical development of broadband and understand its future course
  • See how this technology will alter how we live, think, and do business
  • Hear how recognized leaders in business, academia, and government see broadband literally reshaping their institutions, through thought-provoking interviews and commentary

The fastest-growing consumer media product since the VCR, broadband is a lightning-fast, always-on connection to a world of digitized media content. As a technology, broadband transforms the Internet from a dry medium of words and pictures to a multimedia extravaganza. Until recently, high-speed broadband data connectivity was purely the province of corporate America. But now, thanks to an ambitious multi-billion dollar investment by the telecommunications industry, broadband is fast becoming the most influential medium of communications since the telephone.

Planet Broadband helps readers understand the looming era of broadband communications and how they can profit and prosper from its onset. Written in an informal-but-informed voice, it begins with an observation about the broadband age. Each chapter discusses a key element or implication of the broadband era, including references to its historical development, explanations of how it works, and discussions of its influence on various elements of society. The book includes anecdotes, quotations, and interview excerpts from recognizable leaders in business and government that reinforce the subject’s importance.

Author Biographies:

Rouzbeh Yassini, Ph.D.

Roger Brown (Deceased 2007) was the Editorial Director of Reed Business Information’s Telecom Group and a 17-year-veteran journalist in business and technology.

Leslie Ellis is a writer and author who has covered cable television technology and industry economics since 1987.

Stewart Schley is a writer and publishing executive with more than 21 years of experience. He has written and edited numerous business magazines and telecommunications industry reference books.