The YAS Foundation

Four Pillars of YAS Foundation Philanthropy
YAS foundation educational mentorship

Empowering Student Achievement

Assisting gifted students to achieve their ambitions is a critical component of the YAS Foundation work. A key component in this effort is empowering students who have special skill and talents; not by a systematic process but based on quality, character, and background. The mentorship effort includes think tank sessions, advising and making sure that students have all the tools they need to grow into a global citizens.

YAS foundation cultural connection

Illuminating Persian Culture

The YAS Foundation promotes the extensive achievements of the Persian civilization, bridging the more than 8,000 years of accomplishment and good deeds. It has accomplished this through working in partnership with various entities, including the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. This cultural initiative continues to reach out and inform the public in part, by enabling publicly accessible cultural celebrations, and events to magnify the Global Citizens of the Past from Persian heritage.

YAS foundation university contributions

Partnering For Innovation

Universities are a major focus for YAS Foundation in its efforts to promote innovation including Dr. Yassini’s lifetime vision of “Broadband Equality”, extending broadband to the far reaches of our country and the world. YAS Foundation has committed to in-kind and financial donations of millions to the University of New Hampshire to create and operate the Broadband Center of Excellence. It also has contributed to West Virginia University and to Stanford.

YAS foundation global citizenship

Recognizing Global Citizenship

“Global Citizens”  honors the ingenuity of the Persian People by recognizing some of these most influential citizens from the far past, the significant progress afforded by the innovative citizens of today and brilliant, potentially Nobel prize winning, scholars representing the future potential of Persian descended citizens to carry the legacy of leadership and innovation far into the future.