Happy 25th Anniversary!

After 9 years of hard work, the LANcity Cable Modem held a stunning  80% of the global market share and LANcity revenue had increased from zero dollars to $40M per quarter!

On Sep 4, 1996, LANcity signed an agreement to be acquired by Bay Network in order to empower the MSO with the backing of larger company and achieve mass deployment.

Enjoy these historical pictures of LANcity moments from ¼ century ago.

While Broadband is still mainly being used for data communication and internet access that enables the world to work from home, more than 90% of Tthe TRUE power of Broadband has yet to been tapped. Broadband offers tremendous potential to build intelligent grid, smart cities, home security, global healthcare, autonomous driving, efficient food production and distribution, weather and climate early warning systems, and paperless Government functionality. We eagerly anticipate the day that entire global population has access to ubiquitous broadband connectivity enabling the world to participate in saving planet Earth and humanity.