Nowruz 2021 3Happy Nowruz 2021, the celebration of the Persian New Year and first day of Spring! As it happens, Nowruz this year is particularly well timed and meaningful.

The date of Nowruz is determined by the Persian Solar calendar which observes the Vernal Equinox as the beginning of the New Year. This year, Nowruz marks not only the beginning of a New Year but also the start of a new century, 1400.

Nowruz 1400 falls on Saturday, the first day of the week on the Persian calendar. A Persian proverb states, “Nowruz happens to be on the Saturday when odds are in someone’s favor and something fortunate is about to happen.”Nowruz 2021

Let’s deem all these firsts in A happy Nowruz 1400, the first day of the week, month, year, and a new century, as a promise of good fortune.

Nowruz 2021 2Many events have happened in the past century, bringing both happiness and sorrow. But on this historic Nowruz, lets us focus on the best events. In this century, communication across the miles flourished through the invention of the telephone, television, personal computers, and the internet. The people of this century were rewarded with the miracle of light and electricity. We gained access to the globe and beyond through new means of transportation including the airplane, automobile, submarines, even spaceships! We celebrate the advances in medicine that saved billions of lives through vaccinations, antibiotics, medicines, and procedures. We have witnessed with awe the glory of nature through the lunar and solar eclipse. And most importantly, we have loved as families of all kinds to celebrate marriages, births, graduations, holidays, worship, traditions, and the legacy of those who passed.

Many of us had the rare opportunity and good fortune to celebrate these moments as we ushered in the year 2000 on the Western Calendar and now year 1400 on the Solar Calendar. We are blessed to be among few to experience the turn of two centuries in two different cultures during our lifetime.

Nowruz 2021 4The Spring equinox year 1400 is a universal blessing. Let’s share in the hope inspired by the beginning of the new year and the new century. May it bring the best hours and events to you, your family, friends, and for the entirety of mankind.

Happy Nowruz 1400!
نوروزتان خجسته و پیروز باد

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