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Four names have been added to the Hall of Fame this year and Dr. Rouzbeh Yassini tops the list.

Dr. Rouzbeh Yassini’s life work in the field of advancing telecommunications is once again recognized as pioneering and fundamental to the rapid advancement of the telecommunications industry.

“A big leap forward” Rouzbeh Yassini, Founder and Executive Director of UNH Broadband Center of Excellence, comments on the potential afforded by broadband accessibility for the small town of Chesterfield, the first NH town to approve investment in bringing fiber to every home and business in this community of 3,500 people .

A 2013 article from the Broadband Intelligence Series authored by Dr. Rouzbeh Yassini speaks to the future global social and economic potential of “The Networked Future” and what we might expect by 2030. In keeping with his vision and decades pursuit of ubiquitous broadband accessibility, Dr. Yassini also highlights the obstacles which threaten” full realization of broadband as a tool for a global, connected civilization.”


It's a magic carpet that enables people to ride and to move around...
except some people cannot get on the carpet.

Broadband connectivity is an essential component of life.

“It’s every citizen’s right. Not on the basis of subsidization or social welfare…that’s not the point.”

Empowered |Enabled | Available | Affordable

Dr. Rouzbeh Yassini
Cable’s Modem Man Looks Back. And Ahead.
02/16/2018 by Stewart Schley

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