Planet Broadband cover the nascent history and status of the Broadband movement. In doing so, it wrestles with the definition of broadband, discusses the various form it’s taking around the world, and discusses the various forms it’s taking around the world, and discusses the possible futures it might have…”

Excerpt of Foreword by David Fellows, CTO Comcast Cable Communications

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Planet Broadband examines the promise and prowess behind the fastest growing communications technology since the cellular telephone. It’s Broadband: High speed access to a world of interactive digital media and communications. Planet Broadband explains why broadband is more than just a better connection to the internet-and how broadband promises to touch and improve on nearly every aspect of modern day life.

The inventor of the first commercial cable modem, author Rouzbeh Yassini has seen how broadband can propel positive changes in society. From access to education to improvements in our environment and working lives, broadband is a new alphabet that will unlock the real power of the information age. Planet Broadband educates and inspires people to make use of this powerful new tool in positive ways.