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Dr. Yassini has long been driven by his passionate vision to bring affordable broadband to all, regardless of their economic status. In his view, it’s every citizen’s right to be empowered and enabled by the essential connectivity of broadband. Here is a collection of articles related to the development of the Broadband industry and Dr. Yassini’s many contributions over the years.

Planet Broadband | Cisco Press
20Mar, 2009

A Decade of DOCSIS

Mar 20, 2009 |

Cable Digital News "A Decade of Docsis" Jeff Baumgartner Dr. Rouzbeh Yassini,"Father of the Cable Modem" had some interesting opinions to share about the future of Docsis recently, but recognizing the 10-year anniversary of the first certifications has not escaped his attention. So...Rouzbeh asked me to post this note here, and I'm happy to oblige: Thursday, 3-19-2009 is the 10th year anniversary of the first DOCSIS certification, where 432 engineers, analysts, executives, media experts and visionaries from 73 companies worked with passion, love, and know how at CableLabs to create the [...]

10Apr, 2008

Cable Modem ‘Father’ to Grant Grants

Apr 10, 2008 |

Light Reading "Cable Modem 'Father' to Grant Grants" Jeff Baumgartner “Grant winners will participate in a six-week training session at the $10 million Yassini Broadband Knowledge Center in Boston” Rouzbeh Yassini, known in some circles as the "father of the cable modem," has completed the submission process and selected an advisory board made up of cable engineering royalty for a new $200,000 broadband research grant program. The program will offer four post-graduate projects per year. The first will be granted on Sept. 10, 2008. The deadline for the short-form app is [...]

29Nov, 2007

YAS Broadband Knowledge Center Research and Invention

Nov 29, 2007 |

“ROUZBEH YASSINI UNVEILS $10M “YAS BROADBAND KNOWLEDGE CENTER”; INITIATES FOUR $50,000 GRANTS FOR Ph.D.-LEVEL RESEARCH AND INVENTION” BOSTON, MA (November 29, 2007) – Rouzbeh Yassini, inventor of the cable modem and a distinguished participant in the broadband community, today announced the creation of the nation’s first independent facility dedicated to broadband research, and the initiation of a substantial financial grant program for post-graduate students focused on advanced broadband technologies. Yassini, CEO of YAS Broadband Ventures, has designed the “Yassini Broadband Knowledge Center” as the nation’s first fully operational broadband-based intelligent building. The [...]

31Dec, 1998

Rouzbeh Yassini Fulfills a Tall Order

Dec 31, 1998 |

“This proclaimed "father of the cable modem" was one of the first to recognize the potential of a marriage between cable TV technology and data networking-and the first to do something about it.” by Roger Brown, Editor in Chief" Rouzbeh Yassini Fulfills a Tall Order" CED Magazine, 12/31/1998 Original Article Rouzbeh Yassini stands between a rock and a hard place. Placed in the unenviable position as the fulcrum between the nation's largest cable TV operating companies and the myriad hardware manufacturers in the race to develop interoperable cable data modems, Rouzbeh [...]

18Dec, 0201

The Future of Broadband

Dec 18, 0201 |

BROADBAND LIBRARY WINTER 2014 " Internet Of People: The Future Of Broadband" by Rouzbeh Yassini, Ph.D. The INTERNET OF THINGS is powerful, but the real transformation is THE INTERNET OF PEOPLEMomentum is building fast around the next big broadband advancement: a world where billions of intelligent sensors and devices produce the data ingredients for a quantum leap forward in environmental intelligence, automation, predictability and ubiquitous connectivity. These capabilities will have dramatic and positive impact on our economy and our quality of life.The Internet of People won’t happen without bold, ambitious investment. But [...]

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